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Set-Jetter Saturdays: “Novembraska”

Thanksgiving recap, Whatcha Been Watching?, movies that do/do not need a reboot, Blind Man's Bluff, and more!

Set-Jetter Saturdays: “OmaHalloween”

On this episode: Whatcha Been Watching?Halloween III: Season of the Witch 40th anniversary, RIP Ted White, Blind Man's Bluff, and more!

Tingle Classic Movies: “Horsey Sauce”

Michael Tingle and Matt discuss the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies, Mike's trip to Casey's Corner, Clark's encounter with a Patriots fan, and why Arby's owes Michael a lifetime supply of horsey sauce.

Set-Jetter Saturdays: “Be Afraid. Be Slightly Afraid.”

On this episode: Whatcha Been Watching?, 2022 Halloween movie picks, Robert's recap of his most recent trip to Los Angeles, and more!

Set-Jetter Saturdays: “2022 Halloween Kick-Off”

The countdown to Halloween commences with Whatcha Been Watching?, Clark's Hollywood Bowl story, Movies You Can Watch Over and Over Again, and more!

Set-Jetter Saturdays: “Biggest Box Office Flops”

Plus, Robert's trip to HorrorHound, Queen Elizabeth II, Whatcha Been Watching?, and more!

Set-Jetter Saturdays: “Back To School”

Whatcha Been Watching?, meeting Richard Simmons, Matt witnesses a Karen in the wild, and Best Movies That Have Taken Place in School or Are School-Related.

Set-Jetter Saturdays: “Summer of ’87”

Recapping the summer movie releases of 1987, Robert's Surrey On Screen exhibit, and more!

Set-Jetter Saturdays: “Jetter Call Saul”

Remembering Anne Heche and Olivia Newton John, Whatcha Been Watching?, Sean Kanan joins Cobra Kai, Friday the 13th Part III 40th anniversary, The Game of Jaws, and more!

Set-Jetter Saturdays: “Air Force Fun”

On this episode: Whatcha Been Watching?, #1 box office movie this week every five years, horror movie hypotheticals for Robert, and more!

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