The Podcastle

9/22/16 “NERD35: Nerd is the Word Part 2″

NERD35 of The Podcastle is back on the eve of Clark's birthday! On this episode the gang discusses the situation involving Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, obsolete phrases, friends making plans, "Sports With Jon,"  and more!

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9/16/16 “NERD35: This Time It’s Personal…and Funny!”

On this NERD35, Matt and Jon discuss communication strategies for both sexes, Movie Tagline Trivia, "Sports With Jon," and much more fun ramblings and jokes!

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9/13/16 “Sawing Wood, Feeling Good”

The gang is back in yellow & purple with a new show! This time, they discuss Apple vs. PC, Ryan Lochte's "Dancing With The Stars" protestors, "Sports With Jon," local news, and more! Biscardi sleeps a king's lullaby.

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9/10/16 “Pharma Chameleon”

The Podcastle discusses the new Blair Witch movie, pharmaceutical regulations, Clark's awful/funny week, "Sports With Jon," "The Art of Lying," and so many more funny gems!

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The Podcastle is Matthew Clark, Michael Biscardi, and Jonathan Hassinger.

9/5/16 “Labor Day Show: The End of Summer”

The Podcastle marks the unofficial end of summer on Labor Day. The gang shares their favorite summer songs, first day of school memories, housing market crash of 2008, "The Big Short," and "Sports with Jon."

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9/3/16 “New York Minute: Cathedral of Commerce”

On this special edition of The Podcastle's New York Minute, Matt and Mike discuss areas of New York, retro gaming, and TWO special New York Quizzes....did we stump the maestro this time? Find out!

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9/1/16 “NERD35: Vegan Jon and The Doozlegangers”

A new NERD35 is back! On this episode the gang discusses the controversy surrounding the 49ers, Jon's vegan diet, Clark in a dumpster, and more!

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8/28/16 “NERD35: Recess For Adults”

A brand new weekend edition of The Podcaste's NERD35! On this pod, Jon and Matt discuss if our generation's parents had social media as kids, weekend activities, bottomless mimosas and the scam involved, baseball card, "Sports With Jon," Christmas, scented candles, pranking customer service chat people. and wedding introductions!

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8/24/16 “Podcastle Constitution”

The Podcastle is BACK! After a week off, the gang returns for a full-fledged new show! On this episode we hear Jon's wild tales of the past week, "What The Hell Is Wrong With People: Central Pennsylvania Edition," "Sports With Jon" and a discussion of obsolete practices.

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8/18/16 “New York Minute: Karina Vetrano Charity Show”

The Podcastle's "New York Minute" pays tribute in a charity show to raise money for Karina Vetrano's family's Go Fund Me Page.

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